Market With Us and See Visible Results

 The marketing services at Word Art Publishing will help you create marketing platforms and successfully promote your books to your target audience.

Market With Us and See Visible Results

The marketing services at Word Art Publishing will help you create marketing platforms that will help you promote your book/s to your target audience.

Our Services


This service is dedicated to help established authors create and plan different forms of promotion and marketing that best suit their needs.

  • Library Marketing
  • School Library Marketing
  • The New York Times Marketing
  • Foreword Magazine Marketing
  • Publisher’s Weekly
  • The New York Review of Books
Book Exhibits

Word Art Publishing helps you promote your book by participating in book shows and book fairs. Participating in book exhibits may be one of many forms of traditional marketing, however, it’s also the most effective way.

Email Campaigns

We help authors contact every significant distributor worldwide with Publisher’s Weekly – the business’ periodical of record. It has been the essential hotspot for book news and surveys, interfacing distributors, book shops, specialists, writers, and administrators.

Look over these incredible bundles and a collection of both flag advertisements on Publisher’s Weekly site and space in an email crusade shipped off Publisher’s Weekly supporters to ensure that your book contacts the perfect individuals.

Internet Marketing and Video

This is where you can blog, grow your social media presence, and maintain your website. You can draw attention to your website and get people interested in your book.

  • Online Booksellers Advertising
  • E-book Promo
  • Google Advertising
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Website Setup
  • Book Trailer Services
  • YouTube Advertising
  • The Guardian Online Ad
Press Release Services

Distribute press releases to reporters, a large targeted audience of journalists, bloggers, and all types of media outlets that will help your book promote publicity.

Audio Book and Formats

Offers you a different approach and way of enjoying your book by converting text into audiobook formats. These narrations will be catered by professional voice-over actors and other voice talent experts in their specific field of genres.

  • Professional Audiobook Package
Book Reviews

Helps you establish credibility — an essential attribute that a book review can provide. Getting favourable evaluation from well-renowned publicists and high-standard literary agents gives your book a good score and quality (which is something that every author wants).

  • Indie Book Review Bundle
  • Kirkus Review Services
  • PBR and USRB Review Services
  • Clarion-Blueink Review Services
  • …and so much more!
Hollywood Book-To-Screen

We will help you transform your book into motion pictures. We open opportunities for our authors who dream of seeing their books come to life on the silver screen!

  • Hollywood Coverage
  • Hollywood Treatment
  • Hollywood Screenplay
  • Hollywood Pitch Online
Publicity Campaigns

Not only does meeting in the public make yourself more accessible to your audience, it also helps you hold book readings and book signings, attend conferences to increase the awareness of your book, and sell copies of your book to help establish yourself as an author.

Radio Interview

We can help you make your voice available in the airwaves to promote your book and build your author reputation.

Let's Work Together

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